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The Skin Vehicles is Dexuality Valentino's project away from DVEC, an experimental, electronic, psychedelic twister that is mostly instrumental. The sound is cinematic, ideas twist and turn, this is the music for the film you haven't seen yet. He speaks to Tunebubble about his influences and embracing modern ways of making music.

You’ve just released a new album - what’s the story behind it?

The story is EPIC. It is the third part of a trilogy of albums - The Diaspora Trilogy. They are basically soundtracks to imagined films. It began with a guy called Blueshift wanting to remix a piece of music of mine, and that gave me the idea for a concept album about Earth being attacked by Giant Robots. That first album was called Kali and the Psychonauts’ battle the Evil of Robots of Love. We really enjoyed the process so we decided to follow up with an album about a small group of humans that escaped earth before it was blown up which became Sirens Lament. Which called for a woman’s voice so we drafted in a singer that Blueshift knew called Christine Kahn. She’s based in California. Then with Lockdown giving us a lot more time we went for the epic ending to the Trilogy. Eden’s End. Which is the new album. An album about the last of humanity, the end of evil and one heck of a battle. Its got an antiwar kind of feel to the end of it.

So I’ve also written it out as a synopsis for three films, just waiting for Ridley Scott to get back to us.

 The Album and the other two are available on Bandcamp to download for free or donation, pay whatever, HERE

How do you go about writing with people you don’t know, over email?!

I love collaboration. I have another band called  DVEC. That is with a girl who lives in Portland. Oregon, I live in West Yorkshire UK -we have never spoken on the phone, only through emails. We met when she wanted some tips on her art. So as payment I said would you send me recordings of your vocals. We released an album and got signed by a small  label, made another album, got some good airplay on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction a couple of times. But then the label exploded so we took a break. But it’s a refreshing way to work, you don’t need to be in the same room anymore. You can be anywhere. It feels like each other has more freedom to explore and then share. You have to trust, trust people will put the work in. But you need that in any band. It’s just a modern way of working.

Give us 10 pieces of music that have influenced you and your music?

Only 10!?! Okay. It changes constantly but here’s some;

1: Peacebone – Animal Collective

2: Diamanda Galas Plague Mass

3: Uncut Gems soundtrack – Daniel Lapotin

4: Anything from Selected Ambient Works vol 2 – Aphex Twin

5: Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb

6: Do you know Squarepusher – Squarepusher

7: Hagia Sophia – Secret Chiefs 3

8: Verbal – Amon Tobin

9: Hey Boy Hey Girl – Chemical Bros

10: Eno – By this river

You describe your music as cinematic - has it been a big influence on you? If so what are your favourite films?

Films, and music in films has had a massive impact on me. The first time I watched Amelie. I was like, what is this music? It just takes you away. You are in the film when there is a perfect marriage of sound and image and your emotions run away. Yanna Tiersens music makes me weep with joy.

I love the collaborations of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton. Animations as well as films. Incredible partnership.

My favourite films, like favourite music changes constantly. Today I would say. Uncut Gems left a mark, I can never get bored of watching No country for old men or Squid and the whale. On The Beach is another classic. And I am a sucker for a Film Noir or Hitchcock. Bernard Herrman’s soundtracks! Wow.  

Are you still also finding time to work on new material for your other project DVEC?

We are taking a break at the moment as Eunice is busy with her art she is really flying. We both said we only do it when the time is right and we have a solid idea. I think that’s why its fun. There is no pressure to work on stuff it flows when it flows.

Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you and your music?

Recently some of my newer tracks have been created alongside new paintings. I am allowing the music to feed the art and the art to feed the painting. I just completed a solo track called The Decline of Empires, with an accompanying painting. Its fun allowing the two creative processes to feed each other. Also. If anyone has any great ideas for collaborations. Hit me up. Or if they’re looking for music for a films or games. Just get in touch. My dream is to create music for film.


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