Spook Electro - Interview

Spook Electro (Sooryadas Ps) is an Indian producer & DJ from Kochi, Kerala, who creates EDM and hardcore. In 2020,he joined the Dogfight hardcore record label with his debut hardcore single ‘Splinter’ out today. He is currently focusing on releasing more hardcore tracks to bring hardcore scene in India.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your musical journey so far?

There aren't many highlights in my past. I started by doing mashups, then by the end of 2017, I started to compose music in my bedroom only with my pc and a pair of headphones. It all started there. I actually stepped into the music industry in 2019. And overall support I received back then was quite good if you look at it from a beginner's perspective. And I can say it wasn't a smooth procedure. These two years was the hardest in my life. As a collage student, my grades started to dropping and many other things which made me think about quitting this. But now I congratulate myself for not quitting, because stepping into the major hardcore scene with my debut single...and getting accepted was like a dream come true!

Your new single is a hard-core release -'Splinter' - is this the start of a new direction for you?

Absolutely! With no doubt. I always wanted to make hardcore. But with the limitation of the hardcore scene in Indian, and the lack of hardcore tutorials compared to other genres....it took me a while to study hardcore and make a track. And now it feels like Hardcore was the genre meant for me. So expect more hardcore tracks from me!

Take a listen to 'Splinter'...out now

How is the EDM scene in India?

Even though EDM events are arising in India, the current situation is not good for local Indian EDM producers in order to gain support here. Many people still don't know what EDM is. All they say is that "Ayy yo play some DJ music". And the only EDM in India people are familiar with is psytrance. And it's illegally overrated here. If you want to be popular, just come to India, thread your hair, and drop some bassline over an existing Indian song..and kaboom! 1M plays on YouTube and you are good to go. But like I said EDM is slowly gaining popularity in India, so these tactics won't work in the future.

Who inspires you, musically? There are three people depending on my taste in music. In the beginning stage, KSHMR's songs inspired me the most. After that, my inspiration to make hardcore was DJ Mad Dog. And my orchestral inspiration came from Hans Zimmer.

Urban Yathra by Spook Electro

Give us your 10 favourite tracks at the moment!

I listen to everything. So my top ten picks at the moment is of various genres.(Ranked not according to numbers) 1) Porter Robinson - Sad Machine 2) Broken Minds & Anime - Absolute Power 3) Dr.Peacock & Sefa - Universe 4) Syd Matters - Obstacles (all time favourite) 5) Dj Mad Dog - A night of madness ( all time favourite) 6) Dj Mad Dog - Aria 7) Anime - A bomb 8) Angerfist - R3VOLUTION 9) Linkin Park - In the end (all time favourite) 10) Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (all time favourite)

Same Red - Sun Phillips and Spook Electro

Is there anyone you would love to work with?

There are plenty of dream collabs for me... Such as Dj Mad Dog, Angerfist, AniMe, Dr.Peacock, Sefa and the list goes... But with my current skills, knowledge and equipment, I am 100% sure that it's not gonna happen. But maybe in a distant future, when I feel I am ready for it, I would definitely try to do some!

What plans do you have after the release of Splinter? More hardcore releases. No doubt in that. And also I am planning to do a community for supporting Indian hardcore artists and thereby raising the hardcore culture in India. It's a huge initiative. So we are still planning it. Is there anything else you want people to know about you and your music?

I am just a normal college student from India. I made this far by putting a massive amount of efforts and dedication in it. The music I make is the audio representation of my feelings along with creativity. (Don't ask what made me produce hardcore..lol) Feel free to connect with me, Just give me a DM on IG. (spook_electro_music)

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