Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Advert: Strongbow

Music: Together in Electric Dreams - cover by Waters Kinley, original by Phil Oakey and Georgio Morodor

Heineken UK's new advert for Strongbow cider features not actors but real-life musicians Chris Kinley and Rob Waters playing their version of 1980's hit 'Together in Electric Dreams' in a pub. The company say they want to remind people "of all those great times in pubs", perhaps a hint that we should all start using them more before they all close down.

This is the first advert of planned series featuring 'local personalities' and Heineken will host a series of 'Strongbow Nights' in which musicians will perform in pubs across the UK. If you want to know more about Chris and Rob, check their facebook page: Currently, their version is not available to download/

The original song was by The Human League's Phil Oakey and Italian singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer Giorgio Moroder, who is dubbed the "Father of Disco" . You can see their video below - check out the 80's PC!

Buy 'Together in Electric Dreams' by Oakey and Morodor on Amazon

Buy 'Together in Electric Dreams by Oakey and Morodor on iTunes

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