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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Gari B, Azz and now Azz's son Zak make up the Sugar Junkies. Gari and Azz grew up together in West Sussex and amazingly in 2018 celebrated 50 years as buddies.     

Forming their first band at 11, the SUGAR JUNKIES' Indie/rock/pop sound straddles the eras with catchy choruses, piano, and guitar driven hooks. During the 80's and 90's, these friends played in countless bands, gigging around the country, learning the craft of songwriting and performing. 8 years ago, Gari's poor health saw a sudden halt to his gigging career and so he decided to make the leap to artist promoter and he successfully worked with artists such as Adam Ant, Chas n'Dave, Shakin Stevens, The Troggs and The Stylistics. 

Ironically, it was his ill health which inspired them to sit down and finally write more songs together.    

They released their debut single "FACELESS" in May 2018 to much critical acclaim.

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