SyDeKIK (Jesse Hardin) is an independent artist from Detroit, MI. 

After years of collaborating with producers from all over the world, he recorded his very first rap album, INEVITABLE. The album was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by SyDeKIK from his home studio. Similar to his previous releases, this album represents and symbolizes many events that occurred during his life. A constant theme that can be found throughout this album is that death is inevitable, and that life is something to cherish. 

The production of this album would not be possible without the help from all of the producers who not only provided the instrumentals for this album, but who were also kind enough to give feedback and support SyDeKIK along the way. So, be sure to check out Syringe Beats, Diemond Beatz, Clemens Digital, Unique Stereotype, and Leam Beatz to connect with some amazing producers.

You can watch his latest video preview for 'Inevitable' on Instagram:

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