Volkswagen e-Golf -The 100% All Electric 2019

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Advert: The 100% All Electric 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

Music: Lennert Busch

The music to the TV Ad is by Lennert Busch who is based in London he is a composer for Film, TV and advertising the track can be found on soundcloud. The advert is the all new 100% Volkswagen e-Golf it has a battery range of 186 miles. Okay, even VW admits that'll drop to around 125 miles in the real world, but still, that’s more than enough charge to keep you moving on the daily commute.

You can charge it through a normal household three-pin plug, which takes 13 hours for a full charge. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated charging installed in your home, which takes only four hours; these are becoming steadily more common in public spaces such as supermarket car parks as well. If you have access to the latest quick chargers that are popping up in service stations around the country,

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