The Lyricals

The Lyricals are two long time London friends, Josh Bovington and Dino Mensano, who  have been working on music since 2018 and were finally been able to release their first album, 'Journey to Euphoria', on 13th April 2020.

The duo say of the album: "The album is in some ways a concept album, as it has an over-riding theme: the ups and downs of a night on the town! The album travels from the beginning of the night (dreams, journey to euphoria), then to the night itself (waiting for you, here comes the funk) then to the night going wrong (pieces of you, betrayed) and finally heading home (on the night train). "

The Lyricals are mainly an electronic synthwave group, who love 80's music, so expect lots of synths on the album. On top of that they also cover dance music and, on some tracks, even alternative rock and grunge. The Lyricals take inspiration from many genres and try to show this in our music. Our influences range from Tears to Fears, John Carpenter, L.A Priest and Thundercat among others.

Find The Lyricals on Tunebubble to find links to all their streamed content.

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