TIM TM Music

TIMTMMusic is an electro-pop group reigning from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a former career-drummer, the motivation to create music as a solo act came to fruition,i nspired by the 80's glam scene with acts like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran.

An ‘experiment’ which started 11 years ago, to write and release an album’s worth of music, resulted in a release every Monday for several months, resulting in the first album ‘Addiction’.

However, still not being satisified with the results, TIMTM Music continued working on his craft, and in the intervening years, produced 4 albums, a number of singles, music videos and performed live shows.

March 2020 sees the release of ‘Echo’ which is a special 5-year anniversary edition of the 2015 album, with over an hour of music, welcoming you ‘into the mind and creativity of a former me.’ It's release marks the last ever release as Timtmmusic to move on to 'bigger and better things and that sometimes means that former dreams have to fall in the dust.'

Platforms where you can find 'Echo'

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