Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Chicago-born Vicky Sometani moved to the UK two years ago and has already captivated the London live music scene with her electrifying performances, arresting vocals and unique blend of Jazz, Soul and Folk.

Vicky's debut single, Breeze, is out now, released by Laid Bare Records. The song shines a light on the complex emotional experience of having someone that you love not in your life anymore: "the bittersweet memories that come with break-up, and the fondness and/or sadness you'll always feel towards them, even if it was meant to end when it did." The song fuses a life-affirming melody with direct and honest lyrics.

The core role that song-writing has played in Vicky's life is evident from the passion conveyed by her music and, despite all the personal life changes, Vicky's move to London has triggered a burst of creativity.

Listen to her debut single 'Breeze' here

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Listen to Vicky performing live at Sofar London

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