Why Boomplay?

Boomplay's bigger than Spotify in Africa!

You might have heard the buzz surrounding Boomplay - which could be a great fit for you and your music - and which is one of the DSP's which Tunebubble can distribute your music to.

The African music industry has been growing rapidly in the last ten years with the fastest growing music market after Latin America. It’s not only African music that’s gaining global popularity, but African people are getting more and more access to the global music market as well.

More than 30% of all Africans now have access to smartphones and with improving connectivity, and data costs beginning to reduce, along with 60% of Africans being under 24, the digital economy of Africa is rapidly growing.

With over 75 million users, Africa’s biggest streaming and downloading service, Boomplay, said that 70% of its streams is based on music from Africa, instead of music from other continents. It’s no surprise when you look at the globally rising popularity of Afrobeat, Dancehall and some Nigerian musicians, like Wizkid. Chartmetric revealed that 5 of the Top 10 artists on Twitter last year were Nigerian artists with millions of Boomplay streams.

Compared to Spotify and TikTok, Boomplay is globally seen still a small player. But it’s not focused on Western-focused demographics, like the other ones are. In Africa, Boomplay is winning, so Boomplay is the right place to be to tap into the African music market potential. It’s growing and is receptive to Western music. Boomplay have plans to operate outside of Africa, without directly competing with Spotify or Apple Music: Boomplay wants to target the African populations all over the world, with the music on their platform that’s already a perfect fit for African consumers. Boomplay offers a feature that makes it easier for users to avoid the high data costs: users can also download songs to their device – with WiFi – to play them without an internet connection. This is a very important feature, since a lot of people in Africa have to travel for hours through landscapes with little to no internet.

Boomplay also offers the same recommendation and personalisation style that made Spotify so big: curated playlists to discover new music, based on users’ preferences, favourite music and moods. But Boomplay offers more than just music: the Buzz section also offers news about entertainment (and music), sports and lifestyle news and Boomplay has even got its own award show. Next to that, Boomplay lets users earn Rewards Points when they play music and engage in the Boomplay Community. These Rewards Points can be exchanged for Boomplay subscriptions, airtime, gadgets, coupons and more.

If you want to grow a fanbase on the African continent, get your music distributed to Boomplay! Who knows, a collaboration with popular artists on Boomplay might be a way to engage with millions of Boomplay users.

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