Whether you are writing a bio for your Tunebubble profile or for any other online platform or press use, a good bio will make it easier for people to know what to expect from you, or to help promote your music. Bios can have different audiences so bear that in mind - on streaming platforms you are aiming directly at music fans, on your website and mailshots you might be aiming at the press and bloggers. Your Tunebubble artist profile could be used for both, so consider that too! Make it part of your music distribution process - when you submit your music for distribution take some time out to tweak your bios wherever you have them, ready for release day.

Bloggers and journalists are often pressed for time - could your bio be copied and used in a published feature with little or no editing? Making their lives easier can only help with promoting your music!

Remember to include a short soundbite - something which can be used easily on social media posts - especially Twitter with its limited character count. You'd be surprised how long it can take to extract the key message from a long bio to fit into a Twitter post! You know you and your music best, so take some time to write a good first sentence and think about if it captures the essence of what you want people to know.

Think about the tone and if it reflects you and your music. Try and let your personality or attitude shine through and this will go a long way to getting people to take interest.

Many people like to know what genre you might fit into, your influences or who you could be compared to. You still sound like you, but this can help hook people into your style if they have something familiar to compare to. You ultimately want people to press play on your music!

If you have any quotes, or achievements, add them too!

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