Tik Tok might offer more options for you to promote your music than you might think!

Music distribution with Tunebubble includes distribution to Tik Tok.

Tik Tok launched an in-app Music Hub in March 2021 for its UK users which helps new music get discovered The TikTok Music Hub includes the latest music trends, videos, viral trending songs, playlists and trending music artists on TikTok. It's updated weekly, with artist campaigns, new ‘joiners’ (prominent artists who have just joined TikTok), hashtag challenges and TikTok LIVE sessions involving musicians.

TikTok already offered great opportunities for artists to get discovered and to grow on the platform, because video creators can choose songs from TikTok’s music database. But with the Music Hub, there’s more focus on discovering music and the artists ‘behind the backing track’ in TikTok videos. If a song becomes popular because of a trending hashtag and many creators start using it, now the artist gets highlighted in the Music Hub instead of putting the focus on the video and its creator. This leads to getting more users connecting with new artists and genres. Users can also vote for their favorite tracks of the week.

Where to find it? The Music Hub is accessed from TikTok’s ‘Discover’ screen, and people are also pointed in its direction if they search for music within the app. TikTok offers very interesting and effective options to promote your music catalog whether is through your artists’ videos, TikTok creators’ videos with backing music, influencers, ads or viral challenges that include your artists’ music.


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