Easy promotion for music artists




Why use Tunebubble?

Easy set up:

Tunebubble is an online music profile platform which helps get music artists heard. We have been championing new artists on our blog and social media for some time. Now we can offer a new, easy to manage promotional tool for you.

Easy to set up - edit and add to your profile at any time yourself.


Unlike many music sites, visitors to Tunebubble do not need to create an account or login to listen to your music and view your profile - that means more views for you!


Upload a bio, unlimited photos, your online links and unlimited videos FREE of charge.

Visitors to the site can 'Discover New Talent' through our random video player on the search page - a different video is selected from all artist uploads each time users open the page - this increases your chance to widen your audience! If they like what they hear, your full profile is just a click away.

A great feature is the Paypal.me links you can add - people can help support your music journey by donating to you via this link. (It is worth making a statement in your bio to let visitors know what you would do with the donations)

Visitors to your page can share it to their social media pages, giving you even more promotion and exposure. You can also link to your Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Amazon or Apple accounts and so have direct route for customers to listen to, purchase and share our music.

We promote all our artists regularly and for free.

Visitors can also create playlists on Tunebubble if you have videos linked to your profile, which can be shared to social media.

We also regularly feature artist interviews, new releases and feature artists on our Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and Tunebubble playlists.



Step 1: Register here:

Step 2: Login to your account. 

Step 3: Select 'My Artist Profile' using the drop down arrow.

Step 4 : Complete your profile details,

add video links, pics and online links